About me

I’m a writer, plying my trade while lurking on the Isle of Oxney, a small island paradise perched between Tenterden in Kent and Rye in East Sussex.

In order to forestall the pedants among you (go on, hands up) there’s a touch of tautology here. The suffix ‘ey’ means island so technically I live on the Isle of Oxen Island. But I manage to cope with the unnecessary repetition.

My life on a small island (and the one on which it stands) inspires this blog which serves as an antidote to life writ large by the world wide web. There’s no corner of the world you can’t now go to, no thong clad celebrity’s bottom that isn’t thrust in your face, no revolution that can happen unheralded. Every corner of life is accessible to us all.

But here you can read about life writ small. And where there are big headlines, you will find very small stories.