My books

For years I had one very muddled book in my head which I could never seem to sort out. With age came a reorganisation of the brain cells and the realisation that I didn’t just have the one book stuffed in there, I had several. The first three have now been extracted from the grey matter and the fourth is in progress.

Only Humans Do: There’s an anonymous saying that man is the only animal that trips over the same stone twice. In Only Humans Do the newly separated David Ashurst, anxious to replace his departed wife with a lover-cum-housekeeper, seems determined to prove that it’s untrue by tripping many more times than that.

Lord Meat, the Horned Beast and their lovely assistant Jean: After a thirty year relationship goes sour, sixty year old Alison Black returns to the landlocked island she once called home. Determined to finally figure out what she wants in life, her brother, friends and one small dog conspire to make her quest anything but straightforward.

Better Than Sorry: When eighty year old Donald Swain causes mayhem with his mobility scooter, Tanis Ellingham gets drawn into the aftermath by his apparent unconcern for the legal process that follows. Her haphazard quest leads to her finding out far more about him and his family than she could ever have bargained for. And the reader finds out even more than that. (Based on a true story. Unfortunately!)